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February Beauty & Random Favorites

Holy guacamole it is almost March. That is just straight up cray. Even though I have actually enjoyed this Florida winter, (I know…who am I?) I am really looking forward to spring. Flowers blooming, warmer weather, cute sundresses. Ahhh. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the wretched pollen. Let’s pray our sinuses don’t suffer too bad. Anyway, let’s get to business. February was filled with new skincare, great reads and lots of lounging in my new fave jogger pants. Keep on scrolling to see what I have been loving this month!

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware:  If you love suspenseful books, this is an absolute must-read for you. Nora Shaw is a writer in London who loves her daily routine: coffee, run, shower, write, sleep, repeat. Much to her dismay, that routine is interrupted by an email to attend the hen night (bachelorette party) for Clare Cavendish. A childhood friend who she has not spoken to in ten years. Completely unsure why Clare wants her to attend, Nora reluctantly accepts the invite. Set in a creepy glass house in the middle of the forest with a group of eclectic characters, things quickly turn from weird to weirder to terrifying as Nora is forced to face her past. Why did she leave her home, Clare and everything she knew ten years ago? Why does Clare want Nora at her hen night anyway? What secrets are they both hiding? With twists and turns and a shocking death, you will not be able to put this one down!

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream ($31):  I am constantly on the hunt for moisturizers for my dry ass skin. I have tried countless creams, oils, serums, etc. Some have been amazing while others have been lack luster. This moisturizer by Vichy is amazzzzing. It is not too thick or greasy on the skin like some cream moisturizers. I apply it in the morning and it sinks into the skin quickly while adding the perfect amount of moisture all day. You can use it at night as well. It does have a “salon” type of scent but it is not too overpowering, in my opinion. I also love that it is in a glass jar. It’s the little things ya know? I will definitely be repurchasing this.

LC Lauren Conrad Jogger Pants:  There is nothing better than a Saturday spent entirely in sweatpants sans bra! I impulse bought these jogger pants and I don’t want to wear anything else. They are super soft, stretchy and I love the pinky mauve color. Plus, they are currently on sale for only $12! Do yourself and solid and scoop up a pair! You wont regret it.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray in Lavender, Aloe & Chamomile ($7 – 12): It is no secret that I am unapologetically obsessed with these facial sprays. I used the rose water one for years until they came out with the green tea and lavender scents. They are all so lovely. They all smell so fresh and so clean, clean and leave your skin hydrated and refreshed. The lavender scent is perfect to incorporate into your nighttime skin regime as it really calms the skin and relaxes your mind for sleep. I am almost out of the lavender one and just ordered the newest orange blossom scent. I can’t wait to try it out. You really can’t go wrong with these facial mists!

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm ($22 – 34):  If there is one thing I learned in my college years, it is to not go to bed drunk with a full face of makeup on. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely happened a time or two. Waking up in the mornings with a killer headache and raccoon eyes. But mostly, no matter how many drinks I had at the bar, I would still drunkenly wash my makeup off at the end of the night. I have tried countless makeup wipes, cleansers, oils, etc. This is by far the best makeup remover cleanser I have ever used. I massage the balm into my skin and it effortlessly melts away all my makeup, even stubborn mascara. After rinsing the balm off with warm water my face feels deeply cleaned and 100% makeup free. Plus it makes my skin so soft and it smells so fresh. I have no complaints about this product!

What are you currently loving at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

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