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January Beauty & Random Favorites

It’s a chilly and beautiful Friday in Florida! I feel like January can be such a blasé month. But the Tallahassee Beer Festival is tomorrow and we may have a bonfire this weekend, so I shall embrace January for the moment. Then it is back to longing for beach days and warm weather. Anyway, it has been too damn long since I have written a current favorites post! Keep scrolling to see what beauty products, book and…pillow(?) I have been loving lately.

Lush Charity Pot Lotion ($7.95 – $27.95): We all love Lush, okay? It’s a magical, smell-good, feel-good wonderland of skincare. Unfortunately, we do not have one where I live so anytime I see one out of town, I gotta pop in. When I was recently in New Orleans, I ran out of hand lotion and my parched and cracked skin needed help ASAP. They recommended I try the Charity Pot lotion and ya’ll…this stuff was a godsend. It softened and moisturized my hands so much and had a lovely rose scent. Plus, when you purchase Charity Pot, 100% of the price is donated to the charity printed on the container. My purchase was donated to Animal Alliance of Canada but they have countless human rights, animal welfare and environmental organizations you can donate yours to. You really can’t beat that!


Soap and Glory Rich and Foamous Body Wash ($10): I am obsessed with really all Soap and Glory bath products. They all smell so delightful and get my skin squeaky clean. I normally do not care for super warm scents but this one has an almond and brown sugar scent and leaves your bathroom smelling like a bakery. This body wash also has skin conditioners leaving your skin soft and moisturized. This stuff is perfect for dry skin!

Left to right: Pink Honey, Black Honey, Nude Pop

Clinique “Get Cheeky” Blush Trio ($29.50): It is no secret that I love the Clinique Cheekpop blushes with every fiber of my being. They are one of my fave blush formulas, blend like a dream and the shade range is amazing! When I saw this blush trio, I had to have it immediately. Unfortunately, it was a limited edition holiday palette and it was sold out literally everywhere except eBay and Poshmark (where I finally got mine). But don’t fret! All the blushes in this palette can be purchased individually.

Savannah Blues by Mary Kay Andrews: If you love antiques, a Southern setting, scandal and murder mystery, this one is for you! The story is set in lovely Savannah, Georgia where Weezie Foley, recently divorced after her ex-husband, Tal Evans has an affair with the beautiful but bitchy Caroline DeSantos, hunts for vintage and antique treasures to turn a profit. The only problem is Weezie’s ex-husband and the bitch now live in what used to be her townhouse while she lives in the carriage house in the backyard. Luckily, she has her feisty BFF, Bebe and saving grace, Uncle James to keep her sane…not to mention Daniel, the hot ass chef that works in Bebe’s restaurant. But things quickly turn sour when Weezie finds Caroline’s body in the heart of Beaulieu, a huge historic home soon to be demolished and replaced with a paper plant. With a giant target on her back, will Weezie get out of this one? Will Beaulieu be destroyed for good? And what about her ass of an ex-husband? You’ll have to read to find out!


Sandwich Pillow by Uttu ($44.99): I recently woke up stiff and unable to turn my neck in any direction. Any minor movement caused awful shooting pain around my neck and shoulders. After going to the doctor, they said I was having muscle spasms.  These are often caused by sleeping in weird positions or from having the “wrong” pillow. Even though I had never experienced that kind of intense pain, this wasn’t the first time I woke up with a sore neck. I did not want to experience that pain ever again, so I started searching for pillows that were specifically meant for neck support. This one came highly recommended on Amazon as well as other sites. It is an adjustable memory foam pillow curved to cradle the head and support the neck. Plus, it is perfect for all types of sleepers, including stomach sleepers like me. I can honestly say I have never paid this much for a pillow but I can also say that I am so glad I did. I have already noticed a difference. I am not waking up with neck pain anymore and it is the perfect amount of firmness while still being soft. It is also hypo-allergenic, which is never a bad thing, and comes with a 96-day warranty in case it does not work for you. If you suffer from neck pain, give this one a go!

I hope you enjoyed this super random round of recent favorites!

May your beauty game be strong and your margarita even stronger. Happy Friday!

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