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Current Beauty & Skincare: Vol. 4

The months are seriously flying by. I feel like I just posted a beauty and skincare post! I don’t know about ya’ll but I am so ready for some cooler weather. I feel like I come alive and #thrive during fall. Putting on a ton of makeup in the summertime just does not sound appealing to me. That’s why much of my beauty posts have been focused on skincare rather than makeup lately. However, come autumn, it is back to golden eyes, vampy lips and blingy AF cheekbones. Anyway, let’s jump into my August beauty round-up.


Eczema Honey ($29.95): As an eczema and year-round dry skin sufferer, I have honestly tried what feels like everything. Lotions, creams, oils, bath soaks, gentle body washes, even coating my hands in Bag Balm and sleeping with cotton gloves on like a Mickey Mouse freak. While some products have really helped the dryness of my skin, nothing has really helped the itchiness other than steroid creams prescribed by my dermatologist.

There are many issues with using steroid creams for years and years, but the main one I have noticed is the thinning and healing of my skin. Any little scratch, especially on my hands, turns into a huge wound that takes weeks to fully heal . If I do not keep my hands moisturized at all times, my knuckles will literally crack and split open. While that is not necessarily uncommon for people during colder months, that should not be happening in the humid summer months in Florida. Not only is it painful, it’s not really cute to have cracked gardener hands all the time.

When I was reading about Eczema Honey and it targeted “those who have tried everything,” I knew I had to give this a go. And ya’ll…it really does help with the dryness and itchiness! Not to mention it is organic and  made with beeswax, honey, water, almond oil, sunflower oil and Optiphen, a paraben and formaldehyde-free preservative. That’s it! I place it in the fridge and put it on after I shower. The cooling sensation mixed with the gentle hydration feels amazing on my skin. It is a little tacky when you first apply it, but overall this stuff is amazing! If you suffer from eczema please give this a try.

Youth to the People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream ($58): I recently grabbed a sample of this at Sephora. I have been really into trying new skincare lately, especially products that are super moisturizing and calming. That is exactly what this moisturizer boasted and that’s exactly what I received! I put this on before bed and I woke up with hydrated and soft skin with reduced redness. It is on the pricier side, but totally worth it if you suffer from dry or sensitive skin. At minimum grab a sample and see for yourself!

Origins GinZing Gel Moisturizer ($29.50): This is hands down one of the best smelling moisturizers I have ever used. It smells like heavenly orange Tic Tacs. I love the Origins GinZing eye cream, but I had never tried the gel moisturizer. This stuff is so amazing. I put it on morning and night and I genuinely have no complaints. Because it has ginseng and coffee bean in it, it really wakes up the skin. It’s great for sensitive and dry skin, and because it is lightweight, it works for combo and oily skin too. It isn’t as hydrating as the Youth to the People moisture cream, but it is a great daily lotion during these hot summer months.

Glossier Boy Brow ($16): I have used my tried and true L’Oreal brow plumper for so long, so I was not really looking for a new brow product. But, since I am obsessed with watching beauty videos on YouTube, I caved into my consumer-mentality and before I knew it I clicked “buy.” I bought mine in the shade “brown” and you guys…this stuff is worth the hype. It has a tiny brush that makes it easy to comb through your brows without getting product everywhere, and the shade was perfect. I typically only use a tinted brow gel rather than a pencil simply because it’s quicker and more natural looking. The Boy Brow gave me naturally “put together” brows with quick application, all while holding my brows in place. What more could you ask for? Excuse the no eye makeup tired AF look.

Left with Boy Brow; Right with no product

Pacifica Persian Rose Rollerball ($12): Ahhhh. This is one of my favorite perfumes of all time. It smells like a blooming rose garden mixed with the way eating pizza feels. It is honestly heavenly. I have a bottle of it already but I had to get the rollerball to keep it in my purse for on-the-go. If you love fresh and floral scents, look no further.

Fresh Rose Face Mask ($25 – $62): If there is one face mask that I could use until the end of time it would be this one. I have repurchased this over and over and any time it is offered as a free sample, I swoop in with a vengeance. It is made with real rose petals and has a clean floral scent that isn’t overwhelming. It is perfect after a day in the sun or if your skin just needs some extra hydration. This face mask leaves my skin soft and hydrated, and works great for sensitive skin. Perfection. PS: I like roses if you couldn’t tell.


American Eagle FSU Shirt ($32.50): The first Florida State football game of the season is days away! Did I need another Seminole shirt? Probs not, but I am just getting in the gameday spirit. Ok? I saw American Eagle came out with a bunch of collegiate collections and thankfully they had FSU attire! I saw this shirt and loved the star detail on it, and I didn’t have a shirt with the female Seminole emblem, yet. I am so excited to wear this! Sadly, this particular one is sold out, but they have plenty more to choose from even if you aren’t an FSU fan. But none for Gator fans, bye! Insert the Seminole chop.


I hope you enjoyed my August beauty and skincare. What are some of your favorite products right now?

Have a great weekend pals!



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