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Tips to Summerify Your Bar Cart

As the summer sun continues to melt us all, I can’t help but think about how this season must be why cocktails were ever invented. There is nothing better than an ice cold refreshing beverage to cool you down in the sweltering heat, while the alcohol makes you forget how hot you are. So, since we are in the dead of summer, it’s time to summerify your bar cart and make a round of mint mojitos! Let’s bust out the pineapple décor and, of course, the pink barware…


The first thing to do is to pick your color scheme. I chose rose and gold tones. To me, that color scheme never goes out of style and, let’s be real, I feel the need to incorporate it any chance I get (see my holiday bar cart edition here!)

Once you have a color scheme in mind, grab some glasses and barware that tickle your fancy. I opted for the necessities: a shaker, carafe, a couple of glasses, and a few bartools such as, a muddler, barspoon and strainer. Barware prices range from very high to very low. Don’t feel obligated to spend a fortune!


Now it’s time to decorate! Pick a summery motif to amp up your bar cart even more. I chose a pineapple theme because I am a little obsessed and a little basic. Some other fun ideas for this are, suns, palm trees or sea shells, just to name a few. I looped copper pineapple string lights around the bar cart to add a cute summer vibe and went from there. After adding a wooden pineapple trinket dish, tossing my bartools in a pineapple etched wineglass and (my fave part) topping the gold glittery wine bottle with a pineapple wine stopper, my bar cart was lookin’ festive.


Even though I think it is important to add some bar cart flare, I recommend not overcrowding the bar cart too much. Another tip: mix up your glasses and décor with various heights and textures to keep it #lit. Add an adorable cocktail napkin as a finishing touch and mix up a round of drinks already…I mean damn.




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