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Baked Bacon-Wrapped Gulf Shrimp

I am a Florida girl born and raised. I grew up camping by the Gulf of Mexico, shucking scallops and catching fish. Taking “riverboat cruises,” as my dad would say, down the Econfina River to the sawgrass creeks. Spending family vacations at St. George Island, swimming and getting sun-kissed. I had no choice but to love the water and, in token, seafood. And when said seafood is wrapped in bacon…magical things happen. Read on to see this juicy and flavorful baked bacon-wrapped gulf shrimp recipe!

First, you are gonna need some shrimp. I grabbed some large gulf shrimp from a local seafood market in Eastpoint, Florida while on the way back from the beach. Fresh is always best!

Next, peel and clean the shrimp, removing the tails and heads. I get them with the heads off already so it is one less thing to deal with.

Once they are clean, it is time to marinate these bad boys. I used my dad’s stand-by marinade, also used in a previous post, which works on chicken, veggies or really anything.

Zesty Chicken & Shrimp Marinade

Zesty Italian dressing


Dash of soy sauce

Lemon pepper

Garlic powder

Black pepper

I don’t use exact measurements for this. I just make sure that the shrimp are thoroughly coated in the marinade. Then, cover and place in the fridge and let marinate for about 20-30 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 350°. You can pop the shrimp on skewers and grill them instead, and they turn out just as delicious.

Now it is time for the fun part…bacon bitch! Cut each bacon strip in half, and wrap one around each shrimp. We did a few without bacon as well.

Place the shrimp on a tin foil lined baking sheet. Bake for about 20-25 minutes, flipping the shrimp halfway, until the bacon is crispy.

Let me know what your favorite seafood recipe is in the comments below. Happy Sunday!



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