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Homage to My Granny ♥

Well shit, guys. It’s been way too long since I have posted! April was a crazy busy and tough month for my family and me. We lost our matriarch and pure ray of sunshine. My Granny Mae Jean was no doubt a one-of-a-kind person. She never met a stranger. She had a heart of gold and always did whatever she could for others. My Granny was a born nurturer caring for her kids, grandkids, great grandkids and friends, along with everyone at her church, bridge club, and the whole town of Perry in general. She had a cackle laugh that made you smile so wide every time you heard it. She was undeniably special. Even as sick as she was, she insisted on cooking my favorite meal, her beef stew, and asking me how I was doing when all I wanted to know was how she was. But that was just my Granny and that’s what everyone loved about her.

I have mentioned her in my posts in the past and I will continue to over and over again. Partly because I learned so much from her throughout my life, but mostly because we shared so many memories together.

Left to right: Uncle Neal, Mom, Granny, Papa, Aunt Stef, Uncle Stacy

We would go to the beach every summer for a week at St. George Island, Florida. My mom, Granny and I would stay out on the beach from 8 or 9 in the morning to sunset every single day, sipping sangria and “baking like hams in the sun,” as my dad would say.


My Papa played football for Florida State University so she would travel with him to all of his games. Well after his time on the field, they would attend every FSU home game and travel to countless away games together. That love for FSU rubbed off on our entire family and our love for the Seminoles runs deep. My family and I attended too many home games to count with my Granny cheering on the ‘Noles in Doak Campbell Stadium well into her 70s.


Everyone has a special set of memories with my Granny because she made everyone feel special. I don’t ever remember her not being there for graduations, birthdays, softball games, football games, anything and everything, she was there for all of us. She always made it a point to make everyone close to her feel important. I will miss chatting with her and hearing her voice and see her smiling and holding hands in our family circle at Thanksgivings by the river. But her memory will always live on in my family’s hearts and mine.

It’s weird how life works. In the midst of sadness there always seems to be glimmers of joy. With my boyfriend’s birthday trip to Pensacola, our anniversary, travelling to Jacksonville to see Foo Fighters (and Dave Grohl’s sexy self), starting a new job, and not to mention moving, April was absolutely loco. These positive moments were very much welcomed though.

May is proving to be quite a busy month too. My boyfriend Mark and I just returned from a trip to Savannah, Georgia, Memorial Day Weekend is coming up quick and I am still transitioning from my old house to Mark’s. Even though it has been hectic and a little stressful, I know it is just important to stay optimistic and know that things have a way of working out the way they are meant to (as cliché as that sounds).

Anyway, thanks for sticking around and I hope everyone has a great week. Stay tuned for upcoming posts! ♥


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