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Skincare Empties: Repurchase or Pass?

Happy Tuesday WordPress Fam! I am sure most of you feel the same way but I really cannot wait until the weekend. It feels so far away being that it is only Tuesday but we will make it through…hopefully. This Friday is actually my boyfriend Mark’s birthday. We are going to his hometown of Pensacola, FL for the weekend to spend time with his family and relax. I am so ready for some good food and down time!

Anyway, I have gone through quite a bit of skincare products recently. I have been back and forth between my house and my boyfriend’s place a lot leaving some products there and here. The skincare graveyard is real. The good news is I have finally put a dent in all the travel samples I have been hoarding over time.

I have mentioned some of these products in past “current favorites” posts so I would, of course, repurchase them again. However some of these I would definitely take a pass on. Let’s get into it!

Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray ($7 – $12): Yes, yes, yes. I have gone through countless bottles of this stuff and I will without a doubt keep repurchasing until the end of time. I mist this onto my face right out of the shower or right before I apply my foundation. It leaves my skin super refreshed and hydrated. Plus it smells delightfully floral. Mario just came out with two new scents too. I ordered the cucumber and green tea one to try. Hopefully it smells and feels just as good as this!

LadyGanics Youth Toner ($18): I would absolutely buy this again. A few spritz of this organic toner leaves my skin hydrated and prepped for the rest of my skincare regime. It is so soothing on the skin and has a light herbal/floral scent. I love the glass packaging and the cute LadyGanics logo too. I alternate between this and the Mario Badescu spray and I honestly need both in my life!

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Cleanser ($5.49): Doesn’t this smell just take you back to middle school/high school days? I rediscovered this cleanser and brought it, along with other items, to keep at Mark’s house. Every time I use it I am reminded of how much I like it. It smells so fruity, gets my skin clean and really wakes me up in the mornings. Even though this isn’t my day to day cleanser, I would definitely repurchase this to keep on hand.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream ($17 – $45): I adore this stuff. I am constantly searching for skincare that not only hydrates my skin but also smells lovely. This thick face cream really quenches my parched dry skin and it smells so fresh (no pun intended). I have already gone through two jars of this stuff so I will definitely be buying it again.

Burt’s Bees Citrus Facial Scrub: I find that Burt’s Bees products are either hit or miss. This one for me was a miss. While it did exfoliate my skin nicely without overdrying, I just did not care for the texture. I have used scrubs that you have to scoop out with your fingers before, which is fine, but this product was just too thick to work with. It was very difficult to get it to lather up and apply. It smelled like coffee beans which was pleasant but the tar-like consistency and messy application made this a pass. (Side note: I think they actually discontinued this product because the only place I could find it was Amazon or eBay.)

Eau Thermale Avene Micellar Lotion ($10 – $28): I actually received this product in an Ipsy bag awhile back. I really like this stuff! It’s described as a no-rinse cleanser, toner and makeup remover in one. I agree that it easily removes eye makeup without irritating and drying out my eye area. It has a very fresh and light scent too. However, while I love the hydrating effect and makeup removing quality, I think it is a bit too oily to not rinse off. Plus, I prefer using makeup wipes instead of using a solution and a cotton pad. For this reason alone, I would probably pass on this one.

Lush Oaty Creamy Dreamy Body Wash ($12.95 – $39.95): Just YAS. I raved about this in a past post but I genuinely adore this stuff. Aside from desert dry skin, I also have eczema. This body wash soothes the itchiness caused by my eczema and also diminishes the dry patches and helps with redness. A little goes a long way so even the smallest size lasted me ages. It does have a pretty strong oatmeal smell which, I’m not gonna lie, is not my favorite. But the immense hydration and the way it makes my skin feel far surpasses the oaty scent. I will 100% get this again.

Burt’s Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Cleansing Cream ($1.99 – $8): Sadly, this is another miss for Burt’s Bees, although I did not hate it. It’s got a very strong peppermint scent which I love and it feels super cooling on the skin thanks to the menthol. It lathered up easily and lasted me for a long time. But honestly, my skin wasn’t left feeling deeply clean and rid of all the dirt and grim as claimed in the product description. I just don’t feel like it truly cleaned my skin as good as other cleansers I have tried. Because of this I won’t be repurchasing again.

What skincare products would you buy again or pass on?

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