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My Favorite Vintage Glassware

I have a wee obsession with all things “oldy goldy” as my mom likes to say. Whether it is a thrift store, flea market or estate sale, I love hunting for all things vintage or antique. Especially on a budget. I definitely get that hobby from my dad who, much to my mom’s dismay, has a massive vintage bottle collection that has completely taken over their garage. When I was a kid, there was a sink hole that completely drained Lake Jackson, a local lake near our house. We spent countless weekends walking along the dry lake bottom searching for, you guessed it, bottles. My dad always says, “This collection will be yours one day!” If I have to dedicate a whole “bottle room” in my future home to his collection, I will proudly inherit it. My mom doesn’t hide her high approval of this.

One of my favorite things to do on the weekends is pop into an antique store or two and get lost for hours. And I mean hours. Although I adore it all, I always find myself idling at the glassware section of the store. There is just something about it I just admire. Particularly the 1950s and 1960s styles, as you will see below. I love all of the pops of color and whimsical patterns and designs. They just hold so much character.

Take a look at some of my favorite vintage glassware that I have collected over the years!

Libbey Glass Green Tropical Palm Drinking Glasses (late 1950s/early 1960s)

My boyfriend and I recently went to a local antique store and stumbled upon these. Since we will soon be combining households, we thought that they would be a nice addition. At $18 for a set of 8 glasses, we couldn’t say no. I love the green palm trees and white sailboats on them. Plus mixing up a pink color drink in these would look pretty neat.

David Douglas & Libbey Glass Pinecone Coffee Percolator + Juice Glasses (1960s)

This is definitely my favorite pattern out of all the glassware I own. I was perusing eBay randomly when I happened upon this set. I immediately fell in love. I am a sucker for gold etching so when I saw this aqua and gold pinecone design I knew I had to have it. Plus, whenever I move in with Mark, I have this idea for a mini coffee bar nook off the kitchen so this will add just the right touch. Best of all? The percolator works! Best of the bests of all? The whole set was less than $30.

David Douglas & Libbey Glass Pinecone Cannister (1960s)

So…whenever I was on my eBay vintage frenzy, I saw this gorgeous cannister in the exact same pattern as the coffee percolator. I figured it would be perfect to put my coffee grounds in. It was only $8 but with shipping I paid a total of $18. I felt that was a little pricey considering it didn’t have a lid, but when I received it that sentiment faded quickly. It was in perfect condition and so gorgeous. I ordered a cheap cork lid off Amazon and voila!

Indiana Glass Co. Green Whitehall Iced Tea Glasses (1960s)

I am sure many people have seen these glasses in their grandma’s kitchen growing up. My Granny was no exception. I remember drinking sweet tea out of these glasses when I was little. Whenever she was moving and decluttering, she did not want this 8 glass set anymore. I gasped and then I quickly took them off her hands. They are absolutely gorgeous and I love the translucent olive green color. Unlike some of the vintage glasses I own, these are my day to day glasses so they get a lot of use.

Anchor Hocking Green Pineapple Glasses (1950s – 1960s)

Next to the David Douglas pine cone glassware, these are a close second favorite. Like many other “basic” girls in the world, I love pineapples. When I found these in a local thrift store I had to take them home with me. However, when I started researching, I literally could not find anything on them. I asked the shop owner and many online collectors and they all guessed that they were from the 1950s – 1960s but that was all. I finally found the maker and design online! Thanks again, eBay. I have had these for quite awhile but I believe I purchased these for around $10.

Side note: I am realizing now that almost all of my collection is green.

Queen’s Lusterware Silver Fade Ombre Caddy & Glass Set (1950s)

These exude Mad Men Donald Draper vibes. My aunt knows how much I love glasses and barware so she gave me this set for Christmas that she no longer wanted. I love that it includes everything you need in one little caddy. Plus the silver ombre effect is so dapper. I think I will get a lot of use out of this in the future and it adds a more “mid-century modern” vibe to my collection.

Do you own any vintage glassware too? Please share some of your favorites below!

10 thoughts on “My Favorite Vintage Glassware

  1. What a great collection of glassware. I too love vintage pictures and glasses and all things of that era. I agree that going to antique shops and thrift stores and just browsing is the best way to find little Hidden Treasures. And I’m fortunate to have inherited some beautiful vintage glassware from my own grandmother, somewhat similar to your green glasses. Aren’t we lucky girls? 🙂


  2. I was having a scroll through the reader this morning and hadn’t yet realized that I wasn’t looking at all the blogs I follow- I was just under your site title but ended up saying out loud “Niiice the feed is so good today” so I suppose that’s just a rather long winded way of saying:
    You’re blog is wonderful and your posts are perfectly diverse 😊


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