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Current Skincare & Beauty Favorites

It’s been mother freakin’, uncommonly cold in Florida. I mean it snowed actual snow for crying out loud. My skin is also crying out loud like, “WTF…I am not prepared for this.” I have dry sensitive skin as it is so the Ice Storm of 2018 has really not helped. Luckily, putting the cold drama to the side, I have been using some amazing skincare and beauty products that have really helped add back the hydration, luminosity and color to my white as snow skin (no pun intended). Here are some of my current skin saviors and favorite beauty products as of late!



Kiehl’s Calendula Face Wash ($29): I have tried and loved a ton of Kiehl’s products in the past. So when I saw this cleanser, even though it’s not meant for dry skin, the fresh and clean scent suckered me in. Another winner for Kiehl’s! It creates a foamy lather and gets rid of every bit of dirt and makeup while being gentle on the skin and not overdrying. Last of all, it has a pump. Am I the only one that gets excited when products have a lockable pump?


Mario Badescu Rose Facial Spray ($7 – $12): I have purchased this over and over again and probably won’t stop. It is perfect to mist onto your face right out of the shower or on top of makeup to freshen it up. It smells like a rose garden and is so cooling and refreshing. Best of all, it is super affordable. They just came out with new lavender and green tea scents too. Don’t tempt me Mario.


Fresh Seaberry Face Oil ($52): This is hands down my favorite facial oil and skin savior during the winter months! A little goes a long way. Massage 3-4 drops onto your face and boom. Instant hydration and radiance. This oil helps add elasticity back to the skin to keep it from feeling tight and dry. It leaves the skin feeling so soft and smells so lovely. A 10 out of 10.


Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream ($17 – $45): Fresh has done it again with this moisturizer. It has a thicker consistency but feels light-weight on the skin at the same time. It sinks into the skin quickly and is not greasy whatsoever. It has a fresh cucumber-ish scent and really revitalizes.

Lush Oaty Creamy Dreamy Body Wash ($12.95 – $39.95): An Eczema Sufferer’s dream! Seriously. My friend got this for me for Christmas and I can honestly say that it has not only helped with dryness, but reduced the redness and texture of the Eczema patches on my skin. It does smell like you dunked your body into a tub of oatmeal, but the smell does not linger and your skin is left so soft and hydrated. I highly recommend this!



Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer ($14.99): This bronzer is perfection. It blends so effortlessly into the skin and provides such a natural color. Even though it is a matte bronzer overall it still provides a subtle glow from within. Not only is it affordable but it smells like coconuts.


Colourpop Face Duo in Double Play ($16): First of all, I am obsessed with Colourpop. All of their products are so affordable and so high in quality. As soon as I got this duo, I have hardly used anything else. The blush is such a nice matte nude color but the highlight really puts it over the top. You can add a little for a subtle glow or layer it on to blind people as the sun hits your cheeks. It has such a nice champagne golden color and isn’t chunky glittery at all. I can’t say enough good things.


Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Nude Pop ($23): When I am not using the Colourpop duo mentioned above, I am using this blush. They have such a wide range of colors to choose from. This shade in particular provides a natural nudey pink color with a slight sheen. The perfect everyday blush. Also the packing is adorable!

L’Oreal Brow Plumper ($9.29): I have gone through 3 tubes of this stuff. It is magic! If you can’t be bothered with brow pencils and you like a natural brow look, this is for you. It combs through brows so easily and fills in any gaps without looking drawn on. It also sets brows in place, taming the ones who want to fly away home.


Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Eyeshadow Palette ($38): Honestly, you can never have too many eyeshadow palettes in my opinion. But if I had to toss all of mine away and only keep one it would be this one. Jaclyn Hill from YouTube teamed up with Morphe Brushes to create this. I have watched Jaclyn’s videos religiously so I was so excited to purchase this and it doesn’t disappoint! It has such a good range of matte, satin and shimmer shades. The colors are absolutely gorgeous and highly pigmented. It has everything you need to complete any look you want. Truly a dream.


What are some of your favorite beauty and skincare favorites?


7 thoughts on “Current Skincare & Beauty Favorites

  1. Your favourite picks are soo good! I just ordered that mario badescu rosewater spray, I’m so excited to use it! I’m also obsessed with colourpop, I just placed a huge (and arguably unnecessary) order haha. I’ve got to try that butter bronzer!

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