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Happy Holidays from: A fellow bar cart enthusiast

Greetings from my local pub! Just kidding. I am on my couch. But a beer is still present. Since the holidays are creeping, I thought I would share my festive mother elfin’ bar cart and show how you can do it too.


I want to preface this by saying that if you don’t have a bar cart already, don’t fret. You can use the same idea and apply it to a shelf, butler table, bar top or counter. My boyfriend, err I mean…Santa, is just a kind soul and got this bar cart for me last Christmas.


The most important necessity to have in a bar cart is copious amounts of alcohol, of course. The more the merrier…and drunker (teehee). I am a beer girl myself but I do enjoy a good cocktail from time to time. Especially when my friends and I get together. Some of my faves are Tito’s vodka, Camarena tequila (or any tequila because you gotta keep warm during the winter months, you know?), Triple Sec and, much to my dismay, some whiskey or rum for others. To be frank, I do not drink that shit on the regular. Tossing my cookies all down Pensacola Street en route to an FSU game after one rough night in college was all it took to seal that deal. Anyway, get whichever alcohol you prefer and go on with ya bad self!

Now that you have picked your poison(s), it is time to get the tools to get lit. Side note: I am not a bartender, nor have I ever been one so feel free to get whichever bartools and glassware your lil’ lush heart desires. My staple barware includes: a shaker, barspoon, strainer, tongs, muddler, bottle/wine opener, and a variety of glassware like wine glasses, shot glasses, pint glasses and a few decorative miscellaneous glasses. Scroll down to find my handy-dandy list of where you can buy the same or similar products! I opted for pink, gold and mixed metal items on the actual cart since my bar cart is gold and marble and my kitchen floors are a blush pink. Pick whatever theme tickles your fancy (or your pickle but I didn’t want to make it weird).

As you can see, some of my glassware is kept on a shelf above the bar cart. I have a slight obsession with glassware so, there is more where that came from unfortunately. Anyway, my bar cart is on the smaller side so I just keep the alcohol, bartools and whatever glasses I feel like on the cart itself. It is your bar cart so you can display whatever you want!

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As far as decorating my cart, I traded out my typical pineapple string lights (because what white girl doesn’t like pineapples) and hung these cute wooden snowflake ones on the shelf above to give it a fun holiday vibe. I usually keep a dish towel hanging on one of the rungs of the cart as well. Mainly because I think it is cute. Joanna Gaines ain’t got nothing on me. In this case I chose a Christmassy one but I often rotate it according to season. I added little touches like the pineapple trinket dish (again with the pineapples) and the “merry” ornament as well to give more variety.

Adding glasses with varying heights and textures make the cart more eye-catching and esthetically pleasing as well. So to go along with the rose and gold pieces, I placed my bartools in a Moscow mule mug to keep with the holiday theme. I chose to display a pretty star-spackled wine glass too since it reminded me of this time of year. I placed my “merry, merrier, merriest” shot glasses on the shelf above to avoid the cart appearing too cluttered. I love that they are holiday themed but still go with the surrounding gold accents.


Once you have your holiday bar cart arranged and decked out how you like, it is time for a drink (or 3)! Check back on my blog soon for one of my favorite winter cocktails.

Let the imbibery begin!

Bar cart – Target. No longer available, but find like ones here and here
Dishtowel – Anthropologie. No longer available, but find similar here and here
Gilded rose martini glass – Anthropologie
Star cluster wine glass – Anthropologie
Branch & twig barspoon – Anthropologie
Rose & pink shaker – Target. No longer available, but find similar here
Merry ornament – Anthropologie. No longer available, but find like ornaments here and here
Snowflake string lights – Walmart
Merry, merrier, merriest shot glasses – Given as a gift but very similar here
Moscow mule mug & pineapple trinket dish – Thrift stores. Find mule mugs here and similar trinket dish here
Most bartools were given as gifts – Find like ones here
Gold glitter wine bottle arrangement by my lovely mother 🙂

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